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YorLoos Bespoke

Our Bespoke Services inspires a more creative way to host your event or promote your brand. With YorLoos Bespoke, our customers have the freedom to create a look that is unique to them.

A look that spells out to people their attention to detail.


How It Works

Themed party? Seasonal event? Corporate event? Whatever the occasion there's always a way to make your event that bit bit more memorable. 

With our bespoke service we work with you or your events organiser to create a unique look on your welfare units. upon requesting a quote you can request the YorLoos Bespoke service, just let us know what personalisation you require from bellow...

Bespoke Branding

With bespoke branding, we can implement e.g. a company name or special birthday message etc. on to the welfare units of your choice. This creates both a personal and promotional feature helping you spread the message that bit more.

Themed Event

With themed events whether it be a Halloween theme party, a summer themed party and so on. We can implement requested props or features onto our welfare units to create a truly unique experience for everyone spending a penny. 

On Site Attendance 

With On site attendance, we can help make your ocasions or corporate events feel that bit more professional. Having someone from our team on hand for the duration of the event offers a more professional look to your occasion. 

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