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Small VIP 

YorLoos Small VIP, featuring two separate compartments housed on a single axle trailer - one designated for gentlemen and the other for ladies. This self-sufficient facility is equipped with its own water source and waste storage, requiring only a 13 amp electrical connection.

Our team of expert technicians will deliver, install, and conduct thorough testing of the unit, ensuring it is impeccably stocked according to your specifications. The 1 plus 1 Luxury Toilet is capable of accommodating up to 100 guests over an 8-hour period. For events spanning multiple days, we provide discreet servicing, including tank emptying, unit sanitation, and replenishment of consumables.

This unit comprises one lavatory for ladies and one for gentlemen.

Small VIP Floor Plan


Capacity Up to 100 people

Length 2.8m (4.17m with towing frame)

Width 2m

Height 2.7m

Toilet Trailer Weight – 1200Kg

Waste tank capacity – 700-1000 Litres

Screenshot 2024-04-05 160418.png
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