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YorLoos For Everyone


Mar 10, 2023

YorLoos Introduces Level Access Disabled and Baby Changing Toilets for Inclusive Events!

We're thrilled to announce that YorLoos now offers level access disabled and baby changing toilets for events! We believe that these facilities are crucial to making events more inclusive and ensuring that everyone can enjoy them.

We understand that having the correct toilets is important to people's comfort and safety at events, and we're committed to providing the highest quality facilities possible. Our level access disabled toilets are spacious and designed with accessibility in mind, while our baby changing toilets offer a comfortable and clean space for parents to take care of their little ones.

By providing these facilities at your event, you'll be showing your commitment to inclusivity and making sure that everyone feels welcome. We're excited to be able to offer these services and look forward to seeing the positive impact they'll have on events.

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