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YorLoos To the Rescue


May 31, 2023

YorLoos Comes to the Rescue at Swaledale Festival with Last-Minute Emergency Call

Date: May 31, 2023

YorLoos Portable Toilet Hire proved their dedication to customer service by saving the day at the Swaledale Festival when their toilets unexpectedly went out of order. In an impressive feat, they managed to deliver two disabled access toilets the following day at 7:30 am, despite the long-distance journey from their base in Pickering to Richmond. This exceptional effort showcases YorLoos' commitment to going above and beyond for their customers.

When the Swaledale Festival found themselves in a bind due to their toilet facilities failing at the last minute, they were desperate for a solution. That's when they reached out to YorLoos Portable Toilet Hire in a frantic emergency call.

Despite the distance and the urgency, YorLoos sprang into action without hesitation. They understood the importance of providing reliable and accessible facilities for the festival attendees, including those with disabilities. Drawing on their expertise and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, YorLoos swiftly resolved to ensure the festival could proceed smoothly.

In an incredible display of efficiency, YorLoos delivered two disabled access toilets directly to the Swaledale Festival site the next day at the crack of dawn, 7:30 am. The YorLoos team worked tirelessly to make sure the festival organizers and attendees were not left in a lurch, ensuring that everyone could enjoy the event without any inconvenience.

This remarkable incident serves as a shining example of YorLoos' dedication to their customers. Going the extra mile and overcoming logistical challenges reflects their unwavering commitment to providing outstanding service no matter what.

If you ever find yourself in need of reliable portable toilet hire services, YorLoos Portable Toilet Hire is your go-to solution. Give them a call at 07939255535 anytime, and they'll be there to help you out. For more information about their services, check out their website at

YorLoos Portable Toilet Hire continues to prove their reliability and dependability, even in the face of unexpected emergencies. Their commitment to customer satisfaction sets them apart as a trusted provider in the portable toilet industry.

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