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Do Businesses Care About Communities ?

Community literally means a group of people living in the same place... I'm sure you will all agree that to most people community is more than just living in the same place as your neighbour. Its the "sense" of community that we create by living in that same place that separates one place from another and building those unique characteristics about our place. The place that we know as home. Our Community. To us that is Yorkshire.

In recent days, as we draw near toward the end of another year, we have seen so much in terms of change: We have a new monarch HRH King Charles III, plunging us into the new Carolean era as HRH succeeds the late Queen Elizabeth II, we have recently seen some rather controversial and rocky times from the British government, with the release of the mini budget which has created a, (in the chancellor of the exchequer's words) "Quite turbulent last few days." Many people, both young and old, are frightened, of what the near future holds. With rising inflation and rising interest rates, many people find themselves... stuck with what to do going forward. However, there will always remain one thing that surrounds us during these times, one thing that will always be there for us and will always remain the same. Our communities, working with your community is what we need in such times. Supporting what is on your door step before supporting anything else.

When we think of communities at YorLoos, we think of what they are made of. The epicentre and beating heart of every community is the people within it, and so we ask, what makes a business a business? Is it not the relationships it builds with the people it serves? After all its the customers and the relationships a business builds with those customers that we should value the most. In such uncertain and "turbulent" times, it is vitally important for businesses to focus on what really matters to them, their community and the people within that community on which their business is built.

YorLoos is based on the fringe of the North York Moors close to the market towns of Helmsley, Pickering, Malton and Thirsk. The beauty about North Yorkshire is the way in which all of these market towns work together, and how all the communities are linked through business but most importantly, through people. We value our communities and being central in a rural setting comes with its challenges. Its the challenges these communities overcome that makes North Yorkshire's quaint little towns and villages have such strong communities. As a local business, we understand that service is far more important than anything else. When it comes to supporting communities across Yorkshire. We aim to harness that passion that people have in their local Yorkshire communities, and reflect it in our business. If these attributes of hard working and humble communities working together were mirrored in larger cities and towns, where that sense of community can sometimes we slightly more diluted... imagine the outcome for the country.

If your interested in working with YorLoos to support your party, project, corporate event etc. don't hesitate to request your free quote today!

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